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“[Fun on Earth] It's been written over a five-year period, so it's very eclectic. Some gentle stuff, some rockier stuff, and some fairly political stuff”


10 Sept 2015 Roger's new unreleased song "Absolutely Anything" features in Terry Jones' sci-fi comedy of the same title which airs in cinemas from August. The song is written and performed by Roger and produced by Joshua J Macrae. Sounds similar to some of the "Fun on Earth" songs.

17 Jun 2015 I have a little fun for you to enjoy! I've prepared a downloadable and printable word search with Roger related words.

3 Mar 2015 Roger Taylor's guest appearance on Band Aid 30 in discography section.

2 Feb 2015 Roger's "Fun in Space" and "Strange Frontier" albums get re-released on CD and LP on March 24th, 2015. First run of the "Fun in Space" LP will be issued on clear vinyl, while the black vinyl will follow. The CD version, housed in a digipack, contains three bonus tracks: both sides of Taylor's 1977 solo offering ("I Wanna Testify" b/w "Turn on the TV") and the U.K. single version of the album's "My Country I & II" (issued as "My Country"). The "Strange Frontier" LP will be issued on translucent red vinyl for the first pressing (black vinyl for future runs). The CD, contained in a digipack, features five bonus tracks: remixes of the album's singles "Man on Fire," "I Cry for You (Love, Hope and Confusion)" and "Strange Frontier". It also contains the B-side to the title cut, "Two Sharp Pencils (Get Bad)".

27 Oct 2014 Roger Taylor : Best gets released in the US. It is the first compilation of Roger's solo tracks, available on double vinyl and single CD. Roger Taylor "The Lot" will be released in the US on 10 November 2014.

16 Oct 2014 Roger Taylor "Fun on Earth" on standard black 180g double vinyl gets released in the UK.

29 May 2014 Brian May has announced new Queen album with previously unheard Freddie Mercury recordings as well as brand new material. The album, called "Queen Forever", is to be released at the end of the year.

19 May 2014 It has been just announced that Queen+Adam Lambert will play four shows in Australia this Summer. The tour will kick off in Perth on August 22nd, and then will move on to Sydney - 26th, Melbourne - 29th, closing at Brisbane on Sept 1st. This is the first Queen tour of Australia in 29 years.

14 May 2014 Roger Taylor, along with Brian May, will be performing at both of the final "We Will Rock You" shows on May 31 at The Dominion Theatre.

9 April 2014 On 19th April a double vinyl edition of "Fun On Earth" will be released as part of the Record Store Day 2014 celebrations. It will feature a new 'vinyl friendly' tracklisting compiled by Roger, including two extra tracks ("Dear Mr. Murdoch", "Whole House Rockin'"). This edition will also include a voucher to download MP3 version of the album.

"Fun on Earth" entered the British charts at 69th position, it's the first week on chart. See my chart section for full Roger Taylor album charts.

Roger's 5th album "Fun on Earth" is out today. Also the official website is online plus the video to the first single off the album, "Sunny Day".

Update made on the rarities section - demos updated plus "The Shores of Formentera" added.

A new update - see below PLUS update on Roger Taylor's The Lot and Fun on Earth.

22 Oct 2013 If we are to believe information on the biggest online film directory, Roger Taylor's music is said to feature/be written by in a drama "Solitary", which release date is 30 September 2014 and which features Sarina Potgieter, Roger's wife, as Shannon and her friend Katherine McEwan as Nora. From other sources I know, Roger is the producer of the film.

11 Oct 2013 Official information on "Fun on Earth" and "The Lot" arrive: the album's tracklisting is as below, "The Lot" is:

  • Disc 1: Fun In Space
  • Disc 2: Strange Fronter
  • Disc 3: Happiness
  • Disc 4: Electric Fire
  • Disc 5: Shove It (The Cross)
  • Disc 6: Mad Bad & Dangerous To Know (The Cross)
  • Disc 7: Blue Rock (The Cross)
  • Disc 8: Fun On Earth (New Album) + 2 new tracks for physical
  • Disc 9 - 12: Compilation Disc - Roger Taylor Singles 1 & 2, The Cross Singles 1 & 2
  • DVD: Promo Videos and extras

The covers plus new promo photo you can see next to these news.

See also UPDATES section below for a new collaboration.

6 Oct 2013 Latest news regarding Roger Taylor's new album "Fun on Earth" and the collector's box "The Lot" are as follows:

  • The media rumoured release date of 28th October has been postponed, as of latest interview for Rhythm Magazine, to 11 November
  • "The Lot" was last scheduled for 8th November
  • The albums are said NOT to be released as vinyl releases
  • Roger claims he wishes for the album promotional tour
  • Tracklisting:
    1. "One Night Stand!"
    2. "Fight Club"
    3. "Be With You"
    4. "Quality Street"
    5. "I Don't Care"
    6. "Sunny Day"
    7. "Be My Gal (My Brightest Spark)"
    8. "I Am The Drummer (In A Rock'n'Roll Band)"
    9. "Small"
    10. "Say It's Not True"
    11. "The Unblinking Eye"
    12. "Up"
    13. "Smile"
"The Unblinking Eye" will probably come as an abridged version.

Latest interviews with Roger include:

  • Classic Rock feature (August 2013)
  • Mojo feature (November 2013)
  • Rhythm Magazine feature (November 2013)

The first song off the "Fun on Earth" album has been broadcasted in BBC Radio 2 programme "The Chris Evans Breakfast Show" on 20 September called "Sunny Day" - a new version of 2006 Felix + Arty song "Woman You're So Beautiful". It will be also the first single from the album.

15 Aug 2013 Roger Taylor's new album "Fun on Earth" and the back catalogue collection "The Lot" are due for release in October. The releases coincide with the Queen Extravaganza coming to the UK. Initially advertised for September release (also in the five page Roger Taylor interview for September 2013 Classic Rock Magazine) the album releases are postponed once again, to October this year. Also the official website of Roger is being advertised although it bares no data yet beside an old 1994 promo photo. The album is said to feature the following songs:

  • One Night Stand
  • Be With You
  • I'm the Drummer (in a Rock'n'Roll Band)
  • The Unblinking Eye (Everything is Broken)
  • When We Were Young
  • Say It's Not True (with Jeff Beck)
  • Woman You're So Beautiful

The album was recorded at Priory Studios, Surrey and includes 13 tracks.

Yet unpublished promo photos were shot by Pattie Boyd. The album is said to feature the following musicians: Mike Dixon on keyboards, Neil Murray on bass and Rufus Taylor on drums.

"One Night Stand" is a 1998 song which was a mix of samples published by Roger Team on his then official "Electric Fire" website to fans to mix. No source reveal wether this will be the same version or any kind of remix.

"Be with You" is a ballad which hasn't been published or broadcasted in any form yet.

"I'm the Drummer" is a typical Roger rock'n'roll song. It hasn't been published yet but was played to Official International Queen Fanclub coventioneers in 2011.

"The Unblinking Eye" was issued as a digital download in November 2009 and as a CD single in January 2010. It's one of Roger's protest songs, a six-minutes solemn track, spanning political issues in the UK.

"When We Were Young" hasn't been released yet.

"Say It's Not True" is a 2003 Roger Taylor song written specially for the 46664 campaign and the then forthcoming Cape Town gig. The song has been played live many times, including the before mentioned concert plus was part of the setlist during the 2005 Queen + Paul Rodgers Tour; it was planned as a 46664 single but was abandoned. The following Queen + Paul Rodgers version of the song was issued as a free download on 1 December 2007, then as a single in 2008 and on the 2008 album "The Cosmos Rocks". This version, as it features Jeff Beck, might be the June 2011 Wintershall Estate "A Picnic Concert by the Chapel on the Lake" live version.

"Woman You're So Beautiful" is a 2006 reagge-like Felix + Arty single, a song written by and played by Roger Taylor and sang by his son Felix Taylor, which was issued in August 2006 as a digital download in three mixes.

The current tracklist omits the delicate song "Smile" which is likely to feature on the album as it is a new song, not published yet, but played to Official International Queen Fanclub coventioneers in 2010. The tracklist does not feature "Dear Mr. Murdoch" 2011 version which may also be added on the album.

23 July 2013 The Cross will reunite for a one-off 21st anniversary reunion gig, which will be held on 7th December 2013 at G Live, Guldford, UK. The concert is sold out and is part of SAS Band's Christmas Bash. Spike Edney asks fans to choose their favourite tracks for the gig, see his Facebook event. The favourites at the moment are "Heaven for Everyone", "New Dark Ages" and "Power to Love". The beautiful "Final Destination" comes fourth, so let's hope it gets in the setlist too.

14 April 2013 Roger Taylor is putting the finishing touches on a new solo album. Tentatively titled "Unblinking Eye (Everything is Broken)", the project has been in the works since the conclusion of Queen's most recent tour with Paul Rodgers, in 2008. "The album is taking its final shape, after a lot of work and worry," Taylor confirmed via Facebook. "Hope you like? Nearly there …". Beyond the title song, confirmed tracks for Taylor's new album include "Dear Mr. Murdoch," "I am the Drummer in a Rock 'n' Roll band", "Smile" and "When We Were Young," with help a group of sidemen reportedly including keyboardist Mike Dixon, bassist Neil Murray and percussionist Rufus Taylor, among others. Recently Taylor also had his first photo session in 10 years for the new album with Pattie Boyd.

8 Nov 2012 On her Twitter site on Nov 6th Sarina Potgieter wrote about Roger's new album: "You're going to have to be patient peeps... It's happening, but no official date yet ;-)))...".

See also below for some site updates.

27 Oct 2012 Roger Taylor in an interview for Rhythm Magazine in Aug this year talked about his new album, and here is what he said: Jason Falloon and Spike Edney are on the album but Roger mostly plays all instruments himself. There is also one song with Rufus and he might also add a live song with Jeff Beck. Roger says that it took him 4 years but the album is finally at the end of preparations. He sums the album up by saying that it is like something that grew within him and one has to have a broaden mind to like the music, because it is very diverse in style and there is a mixture of strange eclectic songs from pure rock through humorous songs to dance ones. He says it was fun - it will be his first album in 14 years.

6 Aug 2012 Roger Taylor is telling about finally issuing his solo album around November 2012. It is also said that there will be an accompanying tour around that time or early next year. It is yet unknown if this will feature his last singles "The Unblinking Eye" and "Dear Mr. Murdoch 2011" and the two tracks played at OIQFC conventions, "Smile" and "I Am a Drummer in a Rock n' Roll Band". I've also updated videos, see below.

11 Mar 2012 Roger Taylor's performance for BBC World Service can be seen on BBC's website.

28 Feb 2012 Roger Taylor will perform "Radio Ga Ga" on BBC World Service on the service's 80th birthday between 10 and 11 pm GMT. He is a guest of William Orbit on one of his live shows from Bush House. Info on how to listen here.

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Newest collaboration updated: Roger Taylor and Jayce Lewis "Wrath".

Bob Geldof's "Two Dogs" added to Roger's guest appearances section.

Newest collaboration added: Roger Taylor and Jayce Lewis "Wrath".

Another collaborations revised and updated: Roger Taylor and Phillip Goodhand-Tait, Roger Taylor and Larry Lurex, Roger Taylor and Eugene Wallace, Roger Taylor and Trax.

Roger Taylor and The Cross fake/counterfeit releases described, full with photos. Don't let be fooled! (new in Discography section)

Roger Taylor's 1968-2003 drumkits added to a new Equipment section. 2005, 2008, 2012 equipment will follow soon.

Roger Taylor and Hannah Jane Fox collaboration on "You Got People" album.

Roger Taylor Perkins collaboration added plus Roger Taylor's Hilary Hilary collaboration revised.

Lately found Roger Taylor's guest appearance with Cherie described in guest appearances section.

Lately found "Shove It" remix by Remixed Records added to The Cross discography section.

"How to Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell" box detailed info added, some "Sex, Age & Death" discography updated and Naked Sushi EP details updated.

"How to Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell" strictly limited edition box added to the albums list. More detailed info on the box will follow soon.

As to the video below: yes, there is a "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" promo video with Roger in it - I'll be describig it soon.

All Roger Taylor's videos updated, featuring solo and The Cross songs along with guest appearances. Roger is also said to be in Jimmy Nail video for "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" but I haven't found the said video as yet and the one from the Top of the Pops that surfaced does not feature Roger. Jimmy's biography also doesn't mention Roger's appearance in the video.

SAS Band's "The Show" and "SAS Band" album entries updated with full tracklisting and discography.

"Sex, Age & Death" by Bob Geldof added to Roger Taylor guest appearances discography section.

"How to Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell" by Bob Geldof added to Roger Taylor guest appearances discography section.

Complete charts of all Roger Taylor solo and The Cross singles and albums had been added to the site. Follow the Charts link in the menu.

Dear Mr. Murdoch (2011 version) added to Roger Taylor Discography section.

"Virgin Earshot vol. 5" promo TC added in "Shove It" album TC singles. launch on Facebook - see link below pictures on the right.

"Red Light Fever" - a new album by Taylor Hawkins And The Coattail Riders. Read more on this Roger Taylor collaboration.

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