Mick Ronson

Roger took part in The Mick Ronson Memorial. The CD was issued, under the same title. It was released on Pilot in 2001 in the UK, as a 3 CD Special Edition. Initial pressing of 5,000 copies includes bonus enhanced disc. Captured here the essence of an extraordinary memorial show featuring Roger Daltrey of The Who, Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, Steve Harley, Gary Brooker of Procol Harum, Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones, Ian Hunter, Roger Taylor of Queen, Mick Jones of The Clash, a reconstituted Spiders From Mars featuring Joe Elliott and Bill Nelson, & Glen Matlock of The Sex Pistols. The limited edition disc features two visual performances of ‘It’s A Kind Of Magic’ (sung by Roger) & ‘All The Young Dudes’. Roger also plays drums in one more song (“Summertime Blues” as I remember). Standard triple jewel case issue.

    Disc: 1

  1. It Ain’t Easy – The Rats
  2. Lot of What You’ve Got – Dana Gillespie
  3. Burning Sounds – Glen Matlock
  4. Whiter Shade of Pale – Gary Brooker
  5. Mystery Train – Willy & The Poor Boys (Bill Wyman)
  6. Medicine Show – Mick Jones & Big Audio Dynamite
  7. Last Time I Saw You – Steve Harley
  8. Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile) – Steve Harley
    Disc: 2

  1. A Kind of Magic – Roger Taylor (Queen)
  2. Width of a Circle – Spiders From Mars (With Joe Elliott & Bill Nelson)
  3. Ziggy Stardust – Spiders From Mars
  4. Angel No. 9 – Spiders From Mars
  5. Don’t Look Down – Spiders From Mars
  6. Moonage Daydream – Spiders From Mars
  7. White Light/ White Heat – Spiders From Mars
  8. Suffragette City – Spiders From Mars
  9. Once Bitten Twice Shy – Ian Hunter
  10. Ressurection Mary – Ian Hunter
  11. Baba O’Riley – Roger Daltrey
  12. Summertime Blues – Roger Daltrey
  13. Michael Picasso – Ian Hunter
  14. All The Young Dudes – Ian Hunter With Entire Cast
      Disc: 3


    Audio and visual of:

  1. A Kind Of Magic
  2. All The Young Dudes

Mick Ronson

Roger appears on Mick Ronson’s “Heaven And Hull” album, which was issued 2001. It’s the last album recorded before his death in 1993. Some guests assist here, the tracklist’s as follows:

  1. Don’t Look Down
  2. Like A Rolling Stone
  3. When The World Falls Down
  4. Trouble With Me
  5. Life’s A River
  6. You And Me
  7. Colour Me
  8. Take A Long Line
  9. Midnight Love
  10. All The Young Dudes

Cat no: 5099747474224. Personnel: Mick Ronson – vc, various instruments; Sham Morris – vc, acoustic gtr, kbr, bs, programming; Keith Scott – guitar (played with Bryan Adams); John Webster – kbr; Rene Wurst, Peter Kinski – bs; Martin Barker, Mickey Curry – drums (also with B.Adams); John Deacon – bs, Peter Noone – bs, Martin Chambers, Phil Collen, Chrissie Hynde, Ian Hunter – vc, David Bowie, Brian May – gtr, Joe Elliott – vc, Roger Taylor – dr (“All The Young Dudes”), John Mellencamp. Producers: Mick Ronson, Sham Morris, Bruce Fairbairn.

SAS Band

SAS Band is a band of Spike Edney, Queen’s long time stage keyboardist. Roger did few times with the SAS Band, but two things were officially issued. One of those is “Radio Ga Ga” version, sung by Rog, from the SAS concert, where Rog was a guest. The album’s called “The Show” (2000). Now some DVD’s have been issued, also called “The Show”. And Roger’s “Radio Ga Ga” is there.

The Show CD

Recorded Live, February 19th, 2002 at Shepherd’s Bush Empire.
Produced by Spike Edney and Andrew Brel
Mixed by John Etchells

Musical Director/keyboards: Spike Edney

Vocals: Chris Thompson, Paul Young (Mike & The Mechanics), Mark Shaw, Arthur Brown, Leo Sayer, Damon Hill, Richard O’Brien, Paul Young, Tom Robinson, Tony Hadley, Fish, Roy Wood, Roger Taylor, Stevie Vann Lange, Elizabeth Troy Antwi

Musicians: Jamie Moses/Laurie Wisefield, Damon Hill (guitar), Steve Stroud/Neil Murray (bass), Johnny Marter/Mark Brzezicki (drums), Josh Phillips (keyboards), Andy Bush (trumpet), Steve Hamilton (Horns), Andy Duncan (percussion), Helen McGrath (bagpipes), Susie Webb/Zoe Nicholas/Helen Hampton/Katie Kissoon (backing vocals)

Tracks include:

  1. Blinded by the Light | Chris Thompson (5:07)
  2. Big Area | Mark Shaw (4:58)
  3. All I Need Is a Miracle | Paul Young (5:40)
  4. Every Day Hurts | Paul Young (3:33)
  5. Time Warp | Richard O’ Brien (3:33)
  6. Fire | Arthur Brown (4:31)
  7. My Generation | Leo Sayer (3:07)
  8. California Man | Roy Wood (4:09)
  9. I Just Wanna Make Love to You |Stevie Vann (5:16)
  10. 2-4-6-8 Motorway | Tom Robinson (4:05)
  11. Every Time You Go Away | Paul Young (7:11)
  12. Just Good Friends | Fish
  13. Radio Ga Ga | Roger Taylor (6:14)
  14. Hammer to Fall | Tony Hadley (5:07)
  15. The Show Must Go On | Chris Thompson (4:14)

Running time 73 minutes.

CD albums (CDs)

  • (2000) UK: ABMCD02

SAS Band The Show featuring Roger Taylor

Bob Geldof

Roger did few appearances on the album “Sex, Age & Death” (2001). The album was recorded in Roger’s home studio, Cosford Mill. He does some bvc’s and drums – some sources claim in all songs, but that seems strange as some songs do not have backing vocals other than Geldof’s. Roger Taylor features on drums and backing vocals in “Inside Your Head” and probably some other unconfirmed songs.

In the period when this album was recorded (1999-2001) Roger played drums and probably did backing vocals to the song called “Two Dogs” which remains unreleased. This is a very modern type song with heavy guitar, percussion and very much processed voice.

Track listing:

  1. One For Me
  2. $6,000,000 Loser
  3. Pale White Girls
  4. New Routine
  5. Mudslide
  6. Mind In Pocket
  7. My Birthday Suit
  8. Scream In Vain
  9. Inside Your Head
  10. 10:15

Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Programmed By – Pete Briquette
Bass, Violin – Bob Loveday
Drums – Keith Prior
Drums, Backing Vocals – Niall Power, Roger Taylor
Drums, Percussion – Joshua J. Macrae
Engineer – Joshua J. Macrae
Guitar, Backing Vocals – John Turnbull
Keyboards, Accordion, Backing Vocals – Alan Dunn
Producer – Pete Briquette
Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica – Bob Geldof

CD albums (CDs)

  • (1 Oct 2011) EU: Eagle GAS 0000187 EAG
  • (1 Oct 2001) UK: Eagle EAGCD187
  • (1 Oct 2001) UK: Eagle EAGCD187P, promo with custom card sleeve and lyrics booket
  • (1 Oct 2001) EDL EAG 363-2
  • (11 Oct 2001) EU: Sony 74321890462
  • (11 Jun 2002) US: Koch Records, extra tracks “Cool, Blue & Easy” and “The Original Miss Jesus”
  • (24 Sept 2002) US: Koch Records, extra tracks “Cool, Blue & Easy” and “Voodoo Child”
  • (21 Nov 2001) JP: Crown Records Japan
  • (2002) BR: ST2 EAGLE 3903

Bob Geldof Sex, Age and Death US featuring Roger Taylor

Digital album download

  • (2002) iTunes

CD Singles (CDS)

  • (4 Mar 2002) “Pale White Girls” (New Mood Mix)/ “Pale White Girls” (New Moodier Mix)/ “Pale White Girls” (Original Album Version), UK: EAGXS220, UK charts: DNC, Mix producers: Chris and Jim Birkett
  • (2002) “Pale White Girls” (New Mood Mix)/ “Pale White Girls” (New Moodier Mix)/ “Pale White Girls” (Original Album Version), EU: GAS 0000220 EGX, Mix producers: Chris and Jim Birkett

Bob Geldof Pale White Girls single

Procol Harum

Procol Harum’s ‘come back’ album “The Well’s On Fire” (2003) guests Roger in second song, which is “Shadow Boxed”. We can clearly hear Roger appear somewhere about second chorus. Not a big part, but easily heard. Also the album was recorded at Rog’s, in his Cosford Mill and produced by Josh J Macrae (The Cross member and one who still works with Roger).

Personnel includes: Gary Brooker – piano, vocals; Matthew Fisher – organ; Geoff Whitehorn – guitar; Matt Pegg – bass guitar; Mark Brzezicki – drums, percussion; Keith Reid – lyrics. Tracklisting below.

  1. “An Old English Dream” (Brooker, Reid)
  2. “Shadow Boxed” (Brooker, Reid)
  3. “A Robe of Silk” (Brooker, Reid)
  4. “The Blink of an Eye” (Brooker, Reid)
  5. “The VIP Room” (Brooker, Reid)
  6. “The Question” (Matthew Fisher/Keith Reid)
  7. “This World is Rich” (for Stephen Maboe) (Brooker, Reid)
  8. “Fellow Travellers” – based on Lascia Ch’io Pianga by George Frideric Handel (Fisher/Reid)
  9. “The Wall Street Blues” (Brooker, Reid)
  10. “The Emperor’s New Clothes” (Brooker, Reid)
  11. “So Far Behind” (Brooker, Reid)
  12. “Every Dog Will Have His Day” (Brooker/Fisher/Reid)
  13. “Weisselklenzenacht (The Signature)” (Fisher)

CD albums (CDs)

    (2003) EU: EAGCD209

Procol Harum Well's On Fire featuring Roger TaylorProcol Harum Well's On Fire featuring Roger Taylor


Perkins (aka Miss World)

Roger played drums and did backing vocals on Jonathan Perkins’ “Draining Venus” album. Perkins’ band, Miss World, signed to Roger’s Smashing Records in 1996 and he/the band recorded 3 albums. The sessions took place in then Roger’s studio Cosford Mill, between 1997-1998. Around 20 songs were recorded, some with other musicians, some on a portable keyboard. Out of the sessions came two albums: “Draining Venus” and “Woman’s Hour” (described here later), where “Draining Venus” was the raw one, and “Woman’s Hour” was the “band” one. Roger is credited for bass drum and snare in a song called “She’s Rich”, for chainsaw in “Highway 45”, for backing vocals in “This Way Up”.

The band: Matt Exelby – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, Keith Prior – drums, percussion, backing vocals, Chris Sheehan – guitars, Kevin Jefferies – bass, Roger Taylor – drums, backing vocals, chainsaw, Melvin Duffin – pedal steel, James Brackley Cannon – saxes, trumpet, Billy Rumfit – trombone, Jimmy Taylor – guitar, Martin Chambers – backing vocals, Chris Thomas – keyboards, Phil Spalding – bass, Nick Pyall – guitar, Jonathan Perkins – keyboards, lead vocals; Brass Arrangements for “Anything Goes” and “Childhood Sweetheart” by Peter V.Perkins; Producers: Joshua J.Macrae, Chris Thomas, Jonathan Perkins; Engineers: Joshua J.Macrae, Dean S.Crathern, Nick Pyall, David “Chipper” Nicholas; “Immaculate Miss Conception”: Caroline Perkins; Art and Design: Jonathan Perkins, Jeremy Stonehouse, Simon Pool.


  1. Couture (0:39)
  2. Anything Goes (1:11)
  3. Highway 45 (3:02)
  4. She’s Rich (3:00)
  5. Cream in Quarantine (1:05)
  6. Mermaid Brides (5:00)
  7. Childhood Sweetheart (8:34)
  8. Labbadabbadeeda (0:47)
  9. This Way Up (2:28)
  10. Dress Rehearsal (0:30)
  11. The Importance of Being Realistic (1:36)
  12. Christmas Day 31/10/97 (4:00)
  13. The Call (1:56)
  14. Why Don’t Stars Fall Any More (5:27)
  15. Couture (instrumental) (1:49)

Digital album download

  • (2003) UK: MissW 634479708879
  • UK: “Bling volume 1” album (contains “She’s Rich” (12th song) and “Highway 45” (13th song))
  • UK: “Bling volume 2” album (contains “She’s Rich” (8th song))

Perkins Draining Venus featuring Roger TaylorPerkins Bling volume 1 featuring Roger TaylorPerkins Draining Venus featuring Roger Taylor


Roger played drums on a track called “Say You Love Me” (length 3:58) from a self-titled album of a French pop/dance singer Cherie (born 10 Oct 1984). Her single “I’m Ready” went to top of the hot dance charts. The album was issued on 3 Aug 2004 on Lava label. “Say You Love Me” is the second track from the album, but it hasn’t been released as a single.

CD albums (CDs)

  • (3 Aug 2004) UK: Lava 83636

Digital album download

  • (3 Aug 2004) UK: Lava

Cherie featuring Roger TaylorCherie featuring Roger TaylorCherie featuring Roger Taylor

Hannah Jane Fox

“We Will Rock You” Musical EP included two earlier collaborations with the musical’s cast, “Another One Bites the Dust” with Annie Crummer and “No-one But You” with Kerry Ellis, but it also featured a new song called “Stalker” recorded with another “WWRY” singer, Hannah Jane Fox. In all three songs Roger plays drums.

The EP was issued in two formats: as an iTunes download and as a Spanish CD single.

Digital download

  • “Around the World EP” “Another One Bites the Dust (Queen + Annie Crummer) (3:56)/ “Stalker” (Hannah Jane Fox) (3:20)/ No-one But You (Queen+ Kerry Ellis)/ “Headlong” (Spanish cast of WWRY, Sin Control) (2:48)/ Medley: “Radio Ga Ga” – “Somebody to Love” – “We Will Rock You” – “We Are the Champions”, (11 Jan 2005); US: iTunes download

We Will Rock You Around the World EP featuring Roger Taylor

Queen + Nelson Mandela

In 2003 Roger wrote a song especially for Nelson Mandela’s 46664 campaign, it was called “Invincible Hope”. The song, despited being written by Roger, features him on vocals and drums. Roger is backed by Brian May and samples from Mandela’s speech were incorporated into the song. “Invincible Hope” was planned as a single but it made it only as a 46664.com exclusive download, on “One Year On EP” (a remixed version) and on the live album of the 2003 Cape Town concert (although the live version does not feature Roger on main vocals).


  • “46664 – One Year On EP” “Invincible Hope” (One Year On remix) (Queen)/ “Whole Life” (Paul McCartney and David Stewart)/ “People” (Jimmy Cliff featuring Sting and Tony Rebel)/ Freedom’s Coming (Da Universal Playaz), (May 2005); ES: El Diablo 8431905008082

46664 One Year On EP featuring Roger Taylor

Digital download

  • “Invincible Hope”; (2003) 46664.com download
  • “46664 – One Year On EP” “Invincible Hope” (One Year On remix) (Queen)/ “Whole Life” (Paul McCartney and David Stewart)/ “People” (Jimmy Cliff featuring Sting and Tony Rebel)/ Freedom’s Coming (Da Universal Playaz), (11 Jan 2005); US: iTunes download

46664 One Year On EP featuring Roger Taylor


Roger agreeded to mix and add some drums to the charity single of Twisted X feat Outl4w (Twisted X being Christian O’Connell, Roque and Brian Murphy), named “Summer of Rock’n’Roll”. The recording session took place on 29th – 30th June 2005 in Kore studios, although Roger was said to be present on 29th only.

XFM DJ Christian O’Connell realised that there hadn’t been a decent summer anthem for years and set his listeners the task of writing a ‘feel-good hit of the summer’, the winning song from the 100’s of entries was “Summer of Rock’n’Roll” by Outl4w, four 11-16-year-old skaters who make energetic punk sounds which belies their ages plus Oscar’s ‘Ye Olde Fighting Cocks’, who were the competition runners up.

CD singles

  • “Summer of Rock n’ Roll” (3:16)/ “Cheer Up It’s The Summer Time” Oscar’s Ye Olde Fighting Cocks (2:48), (1 Aug 2005) UK: Universal 9873415

Twisted X Outl4w Summer of Rock'n'Roll featuring Roger Taylor

Digital download

  • “Summer of Rock n’ Roll” (3:16)(13 Feb 2006) UK: Universal

Hannah Jane Fox

Originally Scaramouche in Queen’s musical “We Will Rock You”, Hannah Jane Fox decided to start a solo career when she left the musical in 2006. She recorded a solo album, produced by Roger Taylor, but despite the album’s promised release date on 16 July 2009, and other predicted release dates due to contracting issues the album stays unreleased. There was also a single prepared, which was a song called “Jarvis” with Roger on drums.


  1. Wheel on Water
  2. French Things
  3. Jarvis
  4. Do It in the Rain
  5. Emily
  6. See Red
  7. Me Myself and I
  8. Leave You at the Disco
  9. You Got People
  10. Harry Krishna
  11. Beautiful Girl
  12. Sunday She Fell
  13. Don’t Believe


  • (2009) UK

Twisted X Outl4w Summer of Rock'n'Roll featuring Roger Taylor