Mel Smith

The single “Julie Andrews Greatest Hits” had Rog sing bvc’s and produce it. Also he did the same with its B-side, “Richard & Joey”. Released 1981. It was done in a comic way, with comic Mel Smith when Rog was at Montreux.

  • “Julie Andrews Greatest Hits”/ “Richard & Joey”, 1981

Billy Squier

“Emotions In Motion” was an album name and also a track name, in which Rog sang bvc’s (along with Freddie). Released 1982.

  • “Emotions In Motion”, 7″, 1982


Roger did bvc’s to three songs, two of which were singles. The names are: “Right Away”, “Diamonds & Pearls” and “Play The Game Tonight”. All that one can find on “Vinyl Confessions” album, released 1982.

  • “Play The Game Tonight”, 7″, 1982
  • “Right Away”, 7″, 1982

Gary Numan

Album “Dance” had three times Rog’s drums and percussion: “Crash”, “You Are You Are”, “Moral”. Released 1982.

Brian May & Friends

In 1983 Brian decided he gathered some friends and had some jamming. He also recorded that. And out of this came a mini album, “Star Fleet Project”. Queen fans call it wrong, but Brian asked Rog to sing backing vocals for a title track, which is “Star Fleet”. There was a single issued, and it had song “Son Of Star Fleet” on it – which is an instrumental version of “Star Fleet”. People tend to say why that Rog there, but it isn’t that obvious he sings there. One have to take a good listen to hear. It’s not that jittering in your ears he is there. Everyone knows he is there and that’s where it all starts. Better not to complain, because in my opinion the album has nothing to do with what Queen did and that’s the point. And Rog there didn’t spoil anything. It has none of Queen sound to it. Isn’t that right?

  • “Star Fleet”/ “Son Of Star Fleet”, 1983

Roger Daltrey

1985 Roger Daltrey recorded his solo album. This one’s one of his best. Many melancholy or nice songs, good to listen when doing sth else, as a background. But the highlight is the last song, track number 11, “Under A Raging Moon”. The mood in this song is really fantastic and about its end we have a solo combined from music played by different drummers. The third of them is Roger, so 4:09 minutes starts his drumming πŸ˜‰ Is one of the best there, also good are the late Cozy Powell’s, Carl Palmer’s and Zak Starkey’s. Drummer who plays on the whole album is just middle good, sorry Mark Brzezicki. So take a listen to this one! And remember, look for a full album version, as the single version has shorter solos.

  • “Under A Raging Moon”, 7″, 10″, 12″, 1985

Feargal Sharkey

In the year of 1985 Rog also did some helping to Feargal Sharkey along with David Richards, Queen’s and Taylor’s producer, recently owner of Mountain Studio, Montreux, Switzerland (which actually is his home bureau now). Taylor co-produced a single for that artist and played additional drums and synth there. The single title’s “Loving You”. Unfortunatelly I haven’t listened to this one.

  • “Loving You”, 7″, 12″, 7″ PD, 1985

Camy Todorow

A single “Bursting At the Seams” had been released in 1985, on which Roger played drums and which he co-produced with David Richards.

  • “Bursting At The Seams”, 7″ Virgin VS 816, & 12″ extended, 1985

Elton John

When Taylor had his break from Queen, he had enough time to do some guest appearances. That’s probably why he did so many in 1985. He did for Elton too. This was the first time, along with John this time, he joined Elton on one song from the album “Ice On Fire”. He played drums on “Too Young”. It is a very peaceful song, sounds of the drums aren’t too complicated. But we can hear it’s Rog. He playes there very his way. Although not too much of cymbals we find there (unlike Rog). What a shame he didn’t play on more song there. Released 1985.

Jimmy Nail

I had to look for that record a long time, but finally found it somewhere. The song “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” was a single, issued 1985, an came from an album “Take It Or Leave It”. Drums here are provided by Rog πŸ˜‰ and he co-produced the single with David Richards.

  • “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”, 7″, 12″ extended, 1985

Virginia Wolf

Co-produced with David Richards the debut album which was simply called “Virginia Wolf”. Released on Atlantic Records (Wounded Bird Records) 1985.
The full track list is as follows:

  1. “Are We Playing With Fire?”
  2. “It Tonight”
  3. “Only Love”
  4. “It’s In Your Eyes”
  5. “Waiting For Your Love”
  6. “Livin’ On A Knife Edge”
  7. “For All We Know”
  8. “Don’t Run Away”
  9. “Take A Chance”
  10. “Goodbye Don’t Mean Forever”

Musicians who played there: Jason Bonham – dr; Nick Bold – gtr; Chris Ousey – vc; Jo Burt – bs; Spike Edney – kbr.

Elton John

Roger recorded drums to two songs for Elton. However, one was used before, the other was used on an album called “Leather Jackets”, and the song’s “Angeline”. This time also John played there bass. Released 1986.


For Magnum Roger co-produced the album “Vigilante” and sang bvc’s on two tracks, “When The World Comes Down” and “Sometime Love”. Released on Polydor 1986. Nothing special I must sadly say… “Sometime Love” is terriblly easy but that ease doesn’t make it great (as it is with The Beatles for example). Not that much of Rog’s bvc’s here and there, he seems to be someone from the crowd, not standing out. The song lasts 4:20, and “When The World Comes Down” – 5:20.
The full album trackslist:

  1. “Lonely Night”
  2. “Need A Lot Of Love”
  3. “Sometime Love”
  4. “Midnight (You Won’t Be Sleeping)”
  5. “Red On The Highway”
  6. “Holy Rider”
  7. “When The World Comes Down”
  8. “Vigilante”
  9. “Back Street Kid”

Roger is credited there, as a producer, as bvc’s singer and as a helper πŸ˜‰ The band is: Bob Catley – lead vc; Tony Clarkin – gtr, bvc’s; Wally Lowe – bs gtr, bvc’s; Mark Stanway – kbr; Mickey Barker – dr.
Roger was a producer at Mountain Studios at the time so that’s why he was involved in the production.

Sideway Look

“Bullet Proof Heart” album was never released but happily Rog only produced tracks for this, “1985” and two others, which names I don’t know πŸ™ Recorded in 1986.

Freddie Mercury

This was a great thing! Again, Queen’s fans would say why Rog, let it be Freddie Alone. But if you listen to that one particular version of “The Great Pretender” you know there is no other version like that! And that those bvc’s by Rog are great there and are necessary. The original version and other versions are completely unlike that Freddie’s one. He sings there as a real ‘queen’ of voices, everybody believes he IS a great pretender while listening to that.

Besides the music, Rog appears in a clip to that song, along with Freddie and Peter Straker (for whom Freddie co-produced with Roy Thomas Baker the album “This One’s On Me”, released in 1978 on EMI). There is also an extended version of this song, both in audio and video. Video is nice, showing all three men preparing for the clip making and laughing and so on. Musically I prefer the original version, the voice sounds are better adjusted. I give a list of “The Great Pretender” singles below but I am not sure how much of Rog is in those later singles (1992 and 1993), as these were different mixes.

  • “The Great Pretender”/ “Exercises In Free Love”, 23 Feb 1987
  • “The Great Pretender”/ “Exercises In Free Love”, USA, 3 Mar 1987
  • “The Great Pretender”/ “Love Kills”, USA, 12 Nov 1992
  • “The Great Pretender”/ “Stop All The Fighting”, 25 Jan 1993
  • “The Great Pretender”/ “Love Kills”/ “Mr Bad Guy”/ “Living On My Own”, USA, CD single
  • “The Great Pretender”/ “Stop All the Fighting”/ “Exercises In Free Love”/ “The Great Pretender”, CD single
  • “The Great Pretender”/ song by Pet Shop Boys, Hong Kong, coloured vinyl, 12” clear

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Roger produced a 7″ remix of the “Dancerama” single.

  • “Dancerama”, 1989

Ian Meeson/ Belinda Gillet

A completely different version of Queen’s “Who Wants To Live Forever” song, sung by two kids. Differentely arranged and with a new drum track by Rog. The video to this version of the song can be now seen on Queen’s GVH II DVD.

Originally recorded for British Bone Marrow Donour Appeal in 1989.

  • “Who Wants To Live Forever”, 1989