Cosford Mill, Portsmouth Rd, Thursley, Godalming, Surrey GU8, England

During 1990s Roger Taylor built a studio on his property in Surrey. Two of Roger’s albums were recorded at the location, Happiness and Electric Fire. Parts of Queen’s Made In Heaven were also worked on there.

The Jonathan Perkins musical masterpiece Draining Venus recorded at Cosford Mill (1997-98), producer and engineer Joshua J.Macrae. Miss World album Womans Hour was recorded at Cosford Mill  (1997-1998) by Josh Macrae. Also was recorded here Procol Harum ‎– The Well’s On Fire (Engineer, Computer [Pro Tools] by Josh Macrae), Bob Geldof ‎– Sex, Age & Death (drums Keith Prior and Josh Macrae, drums and baking vocals Roger Taylor), Pulp had Pulp Sessions in November 1999 and April to May 2000, mixed SAS Band – The Show in May to June 2000 and mixed album 46664 by Josh Macrae. Roger owned in this studio 6-channel Amek Mozart desk.


The Priory, Surrey, England

The Priory is located at Roger’s home in Surrey. Queen+Paul Rodgers The Cosmos Rocks was recorded and mixed in full at the location. Roger’s latest solo album Fun On Earth was recorded there. The Priory is featured throughout Roger’s solo video The Unblinking Eye. Also recorded here Bob Geldof ‎– How To Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell (engineer and percussion Josh Macrea, percussion and baking vocals Roger Taylor), Protafield ‎– Nemesis (