DW 6.5″ x 14″ Collector’s Series Icon Roger Taylor Snare Drum

  • Year 2014
  • Model DREX6514SSG-QU
  • Built to the exact specifications of Queen drummer Roger Taylor
  • Queen Crest Uses 3 Types of Wood
  • Laser-Cut, Hand-Inlayed Artwork
  • Heads Remo USA
  • 24K Gold-Plated Hardware
  • 11-Ply HVLT Maple Shell
  • True-Tone snare wires deliver a crisp, focused, and consistent attack
  • MAG throw-off mechanism eliminates strainer buzz
  • Beautiful Protective Case Included
  • Hand-Signed Certificate of Authenticity by the DW Senior Executive Vice President and Drum Designer, John Good
  • Only 250 of these drums were ever made, and only 125 of those came to the USA.
  • Price in 2015 – 1500 $

Honoring the greatest classic rock legends, the DW 6.5″ x 14″ Collector’s Series Icon Roger Taylor/Queen Snare Drum is a masterwork. A gem in any collector’s case, this drum isn’t just a pretty piece of musical art – it’s designed to sound great too. After all, it is still a drum. (…)

Everything about this drum represents the gilded rock majesty of Queen, from the 24k gold-plated hardware to the natural birdseye maple shell. The famous Queen crest on the shell is actually made of three different kinds of laser cut, hand-finished wood inlays – dyed red poplar for the central Q, dyed orange maple for the zodiac symbols and crown, and padauk for the lower ‘Queen’.

As with all Collector’s Series drums, this one includes a MAG throw-off and 3P Butt Plate to give you fine-tuned control and multiple settings for your snare tension, True-Hoops that keep the heads where they need to be, True-Tone snare wires, True-Pitch tuning, and DW heads made by Remo.

Remember how it’s designed to sound great? That’s thanks to the 11-ply maple shell made using HVLT technology – Vertical Low Timbre plus a horizontal outer ply – which brings out the low, meaty sound of the drum without sacrificing strength.

DW has included a really incredible bag with this snare drum, featuring a heavily padded and super soft interior. An ergonomic rubber carry handle and an adjustable shoulder strap make transportation easy. Inside the case you’ll find a microfiber towel to keep your drum looking pristine forever.