In 1975

Favourite Colour: Silver
Favourite films: 2001, Clockwork Orange, King Kong, The Great Race, Close Encounters
Favourite albums: Electric Ladyland (Hendrix), the Beatles White Album
Favourite Books: „On The Road“ by Jack Kerouac and „Dune“ by Frank Herbert
Favourite Actor: Tony Curtis
Favourite Actress: Jane Fonda
Favourite Country: will make up his mind when he sees them all! (Queen File)
Favourite Food: Japanese

In 1991

Favourite arists/grupos: U2, Simple Minds, Hendrix, Springsteen
Favourite food: Indian, Swiss French, plain French
Favourite drink: Very good white wine, champagne, bitter
First ever record ever bought: Rock Around The Clock album by Bill Haley
Favourite Books: Mervyn Peake, Tom Sharpe, Anthony Burgess
Favourite Actor: Steve Martin, Dennis Hopper, Harrison Ford
Favourite Actress: Brigitte Bardot, Kathleen Turner, Maggie Smith
Favourite films: Blade Runner, Blue Velvet