New Dark Ages

Real 90’s style video, kept in colours of black, red and yellow. We see the band playing. Beside the band is a woman, not in her birthday suit but nearly. Also a man and a child, painted like sculptures. Is she the sign of new dark ages? Fragments of it feature in official “Blue Rock” EPK. Recorded in 1991 in London. Directed by Paul Voss. Duration: 3:34. Released on The Lot boxset Videos DVD.

Top Of The World Ma

The video for this song has been recorded at Ku Club in Ibiza on 1st or 2nd June 1990 (Ibiza ’92 Festival). The video shows the band playing concert. Official home video unreleased as the song never made it to be a single. Duration: 3:56.


Taken during the Nuernburg concert on 4th June 1990. On this night they played the song twice, just to record it properly. The video runs a bit slower than the original performance. I think we can see which part is from which take by looking on Roger’s glasses – once he has them, a second later he doesn’t. And then again. One version of the video uses 7″ version of the song as a backing track and the other version uses semi-live recording. Directed by Geoff Schultze. Released on The Lot boxset Videos DVD. Duration: 3:38.

Power To Love

18th century France style video shows the band play (probably a weird concert) and the party going on. A party of love power, love everywhere, intimate love. Directed by Rudi Dolezal & Hannes Rosacher. Filmed in Vienna in December 1989. British edited version was made because of a two ladies eating the same banana scene, which was banned by Brithish Board of Censors. Released on The Lot boxset Videos DVD. Duration: 4:27.

Heaven For Everyone

Roger lying on his deckchair somewhere in the sun, singing lead vocals (the version with Roger on full vocals is used here). As the background is some people’s story. Recorded early 1988. Directed by Dieble/ Myers. Released on The Lot boxset Videos DVD. Duration: 5:15

Shove It

LONDON, ENGLAND 1988. Party at Crazy Larry’s in Chelsea. The Cross among other people. People dancing to the sound of Shove It! Girls with big tits in ‘Shove It’ T-shirts. Recorded in November 1987. Directed by VDO Productions (John de Borman). Released on The Lot boxset Videos DVD. Duration: 4:14.

Cowboys and Indians

B&W video starts with opening title for “Cowboys and Indians”. Then we have Clayton Moss ‘singing’ the verse of Roger. Then there is a saal in which we have the band playing, a big screen, and three girls singing backing vocals. One of them is Debbie Leng, later a long time partner of Taylor. Young Taylor especially expressive in this one. One the telebeam we see what Rog sings about, that is James Brown, Elvis the King of R’n’R, Marilyn Monroe… Recorded in England on 21 Sept 1987. Directed by Ralph Ziman. Released on The Lot boxset Videos DVD. Duration: 4:36.

This video has second version which contains two drummers. However, it was dropped from beingl released. Later released on The Lot boxset Videos DVD.