Yamaha 9000 series in Piano Black Lacquer finish.

  • 24″ x 16″ Bass Drum,
  • 12″ x 10″ Tom-Tom,
  • 13″ x 11″ Tom-Tom,
  • 14″ x 12″ Tom-Tom,
  • 16″ x 16″ Floor Tom-Tom,
  • 18″ x 16″ Floor Tom-Tom,
  • 14″ x 8″ Snare Drum,
  • 15″ Avedis Zildjian Hi Hats,
  • 18″ Avedis Zildjian Crash Medium Thin,
  • 20″ Zildjian “K” Dark Crash,
  • 20″ Avedis Zildjian Crash Medium Thin,
  • 22″ Avedis Zildjian Medium Ride,
  • 20″ Zildjian “K” China 22″ Avedis Zildjian China Boy Hi,
  • Wembley dates only: the two 20″ Crashes were replaced by two 20″ Zildjian “Z” Crashes,
  • Yamaha Hardware,
  • Ludwig Speedking Bass Drum Pedal,
  • Roland Octapad connected to a Sampler (ie Akai S1000),

Example Roland Octapad


Example sampler Akai S1000

  • Premier C Sticks,
  • Logo: Queen on AKOM font on a black background.
  • Roger’s mics:
    snare: AKG C535EB
    rack-toms: Sennheiser MD409 U3

    Sennheiser MD409 U3

    Example of Sennheiser MD409 U3 from www.coutant.org

    floortoms: Sennheiser MD421 U2

    Sennheiser MD421 U4

    Example of Sennheiser MD421 U4 from http://www.coutant.org/

    overhead: AKG C451EB with a special “a51” tool (it’s a knuckle joint from AKG)
    hi-hat: AKG C451EB with the “CK6” mic capsule

    AKG C451EB

    Example of AKG C451EB from www.madooma.com


    Example of CK6 capsule from http://oldmics.cz

    bassdrum EV RE20 RE-SERIES


    Example of EV RE20 RE-SERIES from www.coutant.org

    snare-bottom: Shure SM57 LC
    vocals: Sennheiser MD431 Profipower

    Sennheiser MD431 Profipower

    Example of Sennheiser MD431 Profipower from www.madooma.com