Blue Rock era


Heartland was a B-side to the Life Changes CD single, issued on 21 Oct 1991 in Germany only and soon withdrawn. The single did not chart in Germany. That’s why it is highly collectable these days. Now available also on The Lot compilation on The Cross Singles 2.
The song is sung by The Cross’ bassist, Peter Noone. The chords are sung by Roger though.
A rather speedy song, not like some of Roger’s ballads. As all The Cross’ songs (comparing to Roger’s solo work) there is more backing vocals. Sometimes both singers sing separately, sometimes they sing together. A guitar solo inside. Makes all that a real rare worth listening.
Author: Peter Noone. Produced by: The Cross. Length 4:45.
No other naming of this version exists.

Mad: Bad: and Dangerous to Know era

In Charge Of My Heart

This is the original version of the song. It was a B-side to the 7″ Liar single issued on 6 Aug 1990 in Germany only. The song was never released separately or on any album. Now available also on The Lot compilation on The Cross Singles 1 (as Single Version).
Author: Roger Taylor. Mixed by: Justin Shirley-Smith. Length 2:17
Other naming of this version: edit, 7″, single version.

Foxy Lady

This Hendrix song was added to a CD version of The Cross’ album Mad: Bad: And Dangerous To Know. The song was then performed by the band during their concerts.
Author: Jimi Hendrix. Produced by: The Cross and Justin Shirley-Smith. Length 3:25

Shove It era

Heaven For Everyone (Roger lead vc)

This version of the song was used on the USA Shove It album (in Europe we had Freddie Mercury on lead vocals, 4:51) and on Heaven For Everyone single (all versions but French one-sided promo). On German charts this single topped on 68th position. Now available also on The Lot compilation on The Cross Singles 1.
This Heaven For Everyone version starts with a short story, just like that first The Cross’ version with Freddie Mercury on vocals. There are just changes to the roles, Roger sings all lyrics and Freddie does bvc’s. Whispers at the beginning are the same as in Freddie’s version. The music seems almost the same.
Author: Roger Taylor. Length 5:08

Feel The Force

Feel The Force was issued on American and Canadian version of Shove It album, on American and Canadian 7″ and cassette single to Shove It. Now available also on The Lot compilation on The Cross Singles 1.
For me this song is as its title. Make you fell the force. That’s the best song from the whole Shove It album, you “just can’t stop it makes you sing and wanna shout, tear down your prison wall like they ain’t there at all”. Roger on vocals and one of the best songs!
Author: Roger Taylor. Length 3:44