The Manipulator single by The Cross was recorded after the European release of the Shove It album, hence it appeared on the single only. Written by Roger Taylor, Spike Edney and Steve Strange (of Visage)


“Manipulator” was issued as an A-side of a single. The B-side to it was “Stand Up For Love”. It was issued on Virgin only.
It is slowly sung although music isn’t that slow. One can find it a bit spread and extended in time. Nobody hurries in this song.
Roger and the boys met Steve after releasing the album so of course the song didn’t make it onto the album and was issued as a single insted. It didn’t make it onto the charts.
Authors: Roger Taylor, Spike Edney, Steve Strange. Produced by: Roger Taylor. Engineered by: Steve Chase and Peter Jones. Length 3:55
Other naming of this version: A-side, 7″.