In the latest interview for the International DJ Mag Anna Wall and Corbi are talking about how this happened that they remixed the Roger Taylor song Two Sharp Pencils. It all happened in Ibiza…

Your latest release is a remix of Two Sharp Pencils (That’s Bad) by Roger Taylor from Queen. Not the most obvious choice, so how did that come about?

Anna: “I met Roger’s wife Sarina when I lived in Ibiza, and that’s how we all became friends. I have so many stories from my time on the island! It was such an honour when they asked me to remix the track – it originally came out in 1984 and I loved it.”

Corbi: “Anna came to me with the idea to remix this track, I’d never heard it before but she was like ‘YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS’ and I absolutely did, and that was largely due to it being not obvious and different. It’s just so quirky that it was an absolute pleasure to work on.”

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*The subtitle of the Roger song is in fact Get Bad.