2016-07-02-wintershall-charity-rock-concertRoger Taylor will be playing live on July 2nd 2016 as part of Band du Lac during Wintershall Charity Rock Concert organized in connection with haste organisation. This is a black-tie picnic concert.

Tickets cost 150£ and are available now as priorities for those who registered. Ticket numbers are strictly limited to 3,500.

Gate Opening & Start Times
The grounds opens at 16:00
Bands will start at 17:00 with the main act on stage from 22:00 through to midnight
Staging & Audience Area
The concert will be staged by the lakes in the stunning private grounds of Wintershall House
The auditorium gently slopes towards the stage ensuring everyone has a perfect view throughout the night
Whilst the auditorium is kept clear for viewing purposes only you are welcome to picnic on the periphery (no gazebos)
Where Do You Picnic
There is a choice of areas to picnic including dedicated areas for gazebos
If you would like to picnic under cover, you may wish to consider booking one of our fully catered private marqueesWhat To Wear
This is an outdoor black-tie picnic concert and common sense should prevail
A warm coat & wellies during cold &/or wet weather are a must while ‘killer heels’ are not recommended no matter what the weather!

There is ample parking nearby although you will need to carry your picnic to the allocated areas

Disabled Access & Facilities
We do have assisted disabled access to the picnic area and disabled toilets
You may park near the entrance in order to allow a disabled person and their carer to get out however the car must then be parked further way
Please advise us at the time of booking so that we can ensure assistance is available to make your visit as comfortable as possible

We are not able to accommodate dogs during this event & they will not be permitted within the grounds

Food & Drink
Bar & catering facilities are available on-site
For many people though, an enjoyable part of the evening is the picnic & drinks which you are welcome to bring along with you

Whilst general photography for personal use is allowed during the concert, commercial photographers must seek
permission from the Committee to attend. Please use the Contact Form to register your interest.

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