A well known King’s Lynn sculpture/ installation had been taken down because of the safety reasons. A sculpture of 5 wooden posts was first installed in The Walks, King’s Lynn, in May 2013 by artist Nicholas Fenouillat.

The sculpture was created in 2013 by Nicholas Fenouillat, as part of the Channel Art, Cities & Landscape project in which West Norfolk Council worked with artists from the French town of Amiens. The work was intended to resemble ship masts, reflecting the town’s maritime history, while the spikes were shaped as drumsticks in a tribute to Queen drummer Roger Taylor, who was born and brought up in Lynn. The sculpture Axis Mundi was supposted to stand there only three years but was so popular that it stayed longer. Now it was decided they need to be taken down as they started to rot. There are no plans to put them up again once revived. They now serve as sitting place.

(All the photos in gallery by West Norfolk Council)

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